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Travel Tips: Apps to avoid Data charges while abroad

Using Viber

If you don’t want to purchase a phone plan with data coverage you can always focus on Hot Spots. Hot Spots are wireless internet coverage areas that allow you to use these places (i.e. cafe’s, ice cream shops etc.) for texting, chatting, and Facebook surfing. Downside: Don’t forget that Apps are part of the data coverage plan so you would only be able to use these free talk and text apps in Wi-Fi areas.
Caution: beware of plugging in important information (passwords, checking bank accounts, emails etc.) when you’re using a network that isn’t secure. [A network that is secure has “https://”, a network that isn’t has “http://”%5D– $7.95 a month giving you unlimited coverage on two devices, internationally. Allows you access to Boingo specific Wi-Fi Hot Spots.
FreeWi-Fi Finder– an App that works when the data is turned off, allowing you to locate the nearest Wi Fi (courtesy of Boingo)

                                            10 Free Talk/Text/Video Apps


1. Skype– video calling. The actual landline/cell phone calls do incur fees.


2. ooVoo Video Chat– call mobile-mobile or mobile-computer. Video chat and voice calls. Free calls over 3G,4G, and Wi-Fi. Group chats of up to 5 people.
Compatible networks: Android


3. Google Voice- allows you to: choose your own area code, has a voicemail feature. Works for calling phones within the US if the email is registered in the US. Calls from a California area code. Fees for international calls. Some rates as low as 0.02 and some as high as over 0.25
Compatible networks: iPhone, Android, Blackberry.


4. Imo– Free talk and Text on instant messaging servers. Google talk, skype, Facebook chat etc. won’t use minutes for iOS and Android users. International calling available.
Compatible networks: iOS, Android, Nokia, Blackberry.


5. KaKaoTalk–  Free Talk and Text. Supports 12 different languages. Group chats and photos are included, so are strange voice changing settings (Walkie Talkie, and voice filters during phone calls).  International calling available.
Compatible networks: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Bada


6. We Chat– Free Talk and Text. Includes voice and video messaging.
Compatible networks: iPhone, Windows, Android, (symbian network)


7. Pinger– Provides you with a Pinger-specific phone number that allows for unlimited texting. Free texting in over 100 countries, and voice mail.
Compatible networks: iOS, Android, Windows


8. textPlus– Unlimited texting regardless of the phone you have. Photo messaging, voice notes, and a really well known group chat feature with community texting. TextPlus provides you with a separate number for texting, but you can only send photos if the recipient is also using the app. You may also deal with Ads.
It will charge you 0.02 per minute for calls.
Free US and Canada usage only, charge rates will apply for texts and calls otherwise although cheaper rates than Skype.
Compatible networks: Windows, Android, iOS


9. WhatsApp– Ad-free unlimited multimedia messenger (photos, videos, and audio are also supported). Usable internationally.
Compatible networks: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia Symbian


10. IM+– compatible with nearly all instant messengers. No cost. Doesn’t use SMS to send messages. Offers a ‘Push Mode’ for longer battery life, permitting you to receive messages even though you’re offline.
Compatible networks: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows


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