Arrived in London, England

My flight departed last night at 9:35pm.
It was just over five hours to fly non-stop from Boston to London.
I flew through British Airways, which was a really good experience actually.
They fed us various meals, drinks were paid for, and they have a variety of TV and movies to watch independently on screens attached to the backseat of the person sitting in front of you.
I didn’t sleep until right before we were to land, which was probably a combination of the time difference and my insomnia.
I went through Immigration after navigating through the gigantic airport that is Heathrow.
The officer at the Immigration desk gave me crap the entire time, but at least he finally signed my landing card and stamped my passport.
It took me a total of four hours to navigate through the airport, Immigration, and commute straight to the New Cross Inn Hostel.
I basically came inside and passed out after plugging in various electronics (the hostel is nice by the way).
My plan is to head to the grocery store and pick up some items, then start traveling around London tomorrow.
There’s a Jack the Ripper tour everyday at 8pm.
I have to find the Karl Marx bust in Highgate Cemetery, go to Camden Street, and find that Lucifer sculpture by Paul Fryer.
Until then, here are some photos of the street right outside of my Hostel.
IMG_4619 IMG_4621 IMG_4620


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