Can I watch Netflix Here?

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Some people view traveling as a way to completely get away from everything about mundane life. Which includes vices like smartphones, video apps, and worrying about watching good television. However, many of these vices are fairly normal aspects of everyday modern life, and thus can make you feel comfortable and relaxed (when used in moderation). Obviously, you probably shouldn’t spend your entire trip staring at your phone or holed up in your room. But at the same time, this is your trip to do what you want, and sometimes all you want is to watch Netflix.
It might be really early in the morning but you’re coming down from serious jet lag, or maybe you just feel like spending the day inside.
Either way, this is for you.
Let’s begin.
Countries that offer Netflix compatibility
– United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland.
If you live in, or are currently residing in a country that isn’t listed above, then you will likely get a message indicating that Netflix is unavailable.
**UPDATE: as of September 2014, there should be Netflix access in the following countries: Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxemborg
How to solve this
-You solve this problem by obtaining an IP address that is in one of the countries that provides access to Netflix. You can do this by utilizing services like PureVPN (which does cost money, approximately $9.95 for a month, $49.95 a year), and hidemyass.com ($6.55 a month).
**Update: There is also a free proxy which works in England (I imagine it likely works in other parts of the world as well), called ‘Hola‘. I’ve used this to watch Xfinity and listen to Pandora while in England! This works best in Google Chrome, just change the ‘flag’ which appears when you click on the flame next to the URL bar, to whichever country’s content you’re trying to access.
Keep in Mind
Streaming is slightly varied by country in terms of available options, so you may not find the same television shows or films you were looking for. For example: Orphan Black and Misfits is available in the United Kingdom through Netflix, but unavailable in the United States.
Also, depending on the IP address you choose, the language provided may be different, so keep that in mind if you aren’t fluent in Swedish but you find yourself with a Swedish IP address!

Good luck, and happy viewing!


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