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A Month Overseas: Last Day in England

It’s my last day in England and i’m spending it in London (again).
I arrived yesterday from Birmingham at around 5:08pm, even though I left at 12:49pm.
Gotta love the train.
I didn’t have much time so I didn’t snap any photos and mainly scavenged around for food. Today, however, I spent majority of my day at the British Library seeing the new exhibit on Terror & Wonder: The Gothic Imagination.
I’ll be discussing the exhibit a bit further in a separate post, but let me just say it was AWESOME!
What a great way to kill time before my flight.
My flight leaves at 8:50pm, and is due to arrive in Prague ten till midnight, which wraps up the England part of my adventure.
As of yesterday i’ve been traveling for a month, it’s strange because traveling causes your sense of time to fluctuate.
Not just because of the time differences, but because so much more can happen in a day or a week than you would’ve thought possible strapped into your 9-5.
That’s one of my favorite parts of traveling, being aware of how much time there actually is in a day.
I’ve spent this month in England, which is a land full of meat pies, sweets, and cute packaging. I wasn’t sold on England when I got here, I liked it well enough but the lack of drip coffee (blasphemy) and how dramatically different the rest of England is to London- was really strange at first. I suppose that’s a form of culture shock? Having trouble wrapping your mind around the second largest city in England being just a bit bigger than Boston, because in America we’re massive (obviously) and have many big cities.
The tea is good, the pies are great and the Carvery is awesome.
Last night, I found myself wandering around Whitechapel carrying only a slice of pizza and a vague sense of direction.
I felt comfortable, which really, that’s my goal when I travel.
To be comfortable in new places and strange situations that leave me open to transformative experiences.
So i’d call England, a success!

Right now, it’s rainy and cold, so i’m sitting in a Starbucks (stealing that Wi-Fi) at St. Pancras International waiting to begin my commute to Luton airport.

Photo on 2014-10-06 at 15.18

Goodbye England
Hello Prague


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