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Arrived in Prague

Hey everyone,
I flew into Prague late Monday night and got through immigration SUPER easily. Which was a breath of fresh air after everything I was dealing with at the UK border. I had a driver waiting for me from the LiveTEFL program, the teaching English program that i’ll be completing from mid-November into Mid-December back here in Prague. The first few days have been a bit rocky, which is normal for travel. I got in and slept at around 1am and then woke up with really bad jet lag. Even though the time difference from UK and CZ is only an hour, and I think it’s because I arrived so late and I didn’t have jet lag when I initially arrived in England. Mostly because I slept on the plane and we landed at 9:30am, which is a ‘normal’ time to wake up. Anyway, jet lag was killer and lasted into the next day despite my best efforts (I could always use suggestions for getting over jet lag, if anyone has anything to contribute). I met up with someone from high school who now teaches English in Prague and we went out and had some traditional Czech food. Which tasted awesome, except I think I had an allergic reaction to something I ate in the dish. I essentially had an IBS attack that caused me to black out twice, once landing me flat on my back. It didn’t bother me as much later yesterday, but when I was trying to sleep I could feel a residual pain from it.
So jet lag and an allergic reaction means that i’ve gone exploring, but nothing extensive.
I know my way around fairly well though!
The plan for today is to go to the Franz Kafka Museum.
During my first time in Prague I plan to see: The Museum of Communism, the Communism tour, the New & Old Jewish Cemeteries, the Golem tower, the Torture Museum, and the Sex Machines Museum.
There are also two plays I need to see: Wonderful Circus (Kouzelný Cirkus) which is a Jan Švankmajer brain child, and the marionette performance of Don Giovanni.

As far as what’s coming up! My Puppets in Prague workshop starts next Tuesday and is everyday till the 26th of this month.
When i’m in workshops or other long programs I likely won’t be able to post every other day, i’ll shoot for twice a week( lets shoot for Monday and Thursday), and maybe a third post if i’m feeling up to it.




3 thoughts on “Arrived in Prague

  1. Enjoy Prague! Hope you feel better soon. I have a really really sensitive stomach and spicy food is pretty much right out for me! I survive on and unspiced foods. Hope you can find something there you can eat!

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