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Puppets in Prague: Week 1 Recap

I’ve been having an issue with the Wi Fi connection at my hostel since Thursday, ( it hasn’t worked since Thursday) and with my intensive puppet workshop i’ve had no real time to do any updates!
So this entire week has been really intense, and i’ve done so many things through this workshop that I didn’t realize was part of our scheduled itinerary.
Day 3 we began carving out the heads of our puppets and sanding them down to begin underpainting them. We were also given a lecture on post production in feature film animation, as well as, a small lecture on how to apply the wire frame onto the carved hips and chest of our puppet.

I tried to account for the proportions in different perspectives.
I tried to account for the proportions in different perspectives.

Day 4
We kept painting our puppet heads and we went to Hafan Studios, a stop motion studio in Prague! We found out we’d be spending most of the weekend there animating with the puppets (at the studio) to exercise our understanding of timing and storytelling. Which was REALLY surprising!
I instantly began taking notes on how these puppets were constructed differently than the puppets i’ve been exposed to in the U.S.


Day 5 we split up into groups of two and went to a metals studio where we made our OWN ball and socket armature joint entirely from scratch! Probably one of the coolest things i’ve ever made with my hands. The animator we were being mentored was showing us his OWN style of ball and socket armature building, and it turns out he worked in Boston 30 years ago.
So we had a lot to talk about (because i’ve lived in Boston for three and a half years), and he complimented me on my construction and told me it was really well done.

Professional Czech armature.
Professional Czech armature.
My ball and socket! So proud

After that, another group of us (including me) went to the Hafan Animation studio and began animating the puppets, picking up where the morning group left off.
Day 6 We finished up animating the scene at Hafan Studios and I spent a lot of time talking to the Animator from Hafan Studios who was overseeing our ‘production’. We got lunch and talked a lot about animation in Europe, and how i’m trying to get a tour of Beast Animation in Brussels before I fly back to Boston.

Our scene at Hafan Studios!
Our scene at Hafan Studios!

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