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Puppets in Prague: Final Wrap Up

Hello, hello!
It’s already over! Can you believe it?!
I’ve spent everyday since my last post working on finishing my puppet, collaborative editing of our film from Hafan Studios (as I mentioned in the previous post), all of which finally culminated in an animation with our puppets!
Day 7
We finished up putting feet on our puppets, and began costuming.
I started pattern drafting but I figured out what I wanted it to be, detail wise, after I had already began attaching it to the puppet. You have the option of buying fabric from a store nearby (Mirek will drive you, because he’s awesome), but majority of the fabric available is what you will use. In this case, I chose fabrics based on color to help evoke the personality of my character, even though the fabrics themselves weren’t really high quality. So I ended up with construction issues that were a combination of my fault: for not having a fully drafted dress ahead of time ( implementing I went along), and the unforgiving fraying nature of the fabrics I chose.
C’est la vie!

Day 8
Many of us met with  Katarina Tazarova from Anima Studios for a quick tour of the studio, she assisted us with costuming and building the hands for our puppets throughout the workshop. She showed us around the studio. We were able to see some of the replacement parts for older puppets, and the progression of newer puppets. Some puppets we saw were in the middle of being animated for various commercials and other productions. After the visit we went to the workshop and began working. More costuming all day!

Day 9
Finished up our puppets and began constructing our stages for our upcoming animations. We had two separate stages with six puppets on each stage.  P.s. Some of her hair moves! Most of her outfit is handstitched (which is the main method of costume construction in the workshop), although her skirt Zdar stitched the pattern together and I stitched her waist belt.
DSC02725 DSC02727 DSC02728 DSC02729

Day 10
We had a lecture on cameras and lighting to prepare ourselves for our upcoming animations, including lighting examples demonstrated to us with the displays we made the day before.

Day 11
We spent one day animating the stages we created. The focus of this animation was to prove that you don’t need anything really expensive in order to make an animation, you just need to be willing to make it. We shot our footage on point and shoot cameras mounted to tripods, not even Dragonframe was used!

Day 12
This past Sunday, was our last day!
Mirek sat us down and gave a run through of each of the stages we
experienced during this workshop and the information we learned. He also gave us CD copies of the two films we created as a group.
We said our good-byes after eating a lot of Czech pastries and chatting to each other about our plans.
Then we all parted ways.
Here, you can see a collection of some photos taken throughout the workshop.
I’ll post the videos as soon as they’re available!

It was a really rewarding experience being part of this installment of Puppets in Prague, and I cannot recommend this workshop enough to anyone considering applying! If you have an interest in stop motion or animation, I encourage you to take a look at this intensive workshop. For the amount of information you receive, the overall experience, and the contacts you make the course fees and hostel charges are really inexpensive.
I have 27 pages of my sketchbook dedicated to notes I took throughout this workshop. If that gives you ANY idea of how much valuable information you’ll be getting!
All of the instructors (Zdar, Milan, Jarda etc. and Mirek (the head of the workshop) are absolutely indispensable in your education during these two weeks and are incredibly open and helpful people.
I could talk for days about how amazing these people are, really.
I really hope I can come back in 2016 for the Skeleton workshop.
Yes, that’s right.
I’ve already started planning for my next big trip abroad for 2016, because, why not?
I have hopes for 2015, but i’ll share those with you another time (probably while i’m in Romania next week!)

Instead, i’ll part with you by showing one of my favorite photos from the workshop.

Jarda Bezdek, a genuis latex hand maker in Prague



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