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Arrived in Brasov, Romania

I flew into the airport just outside of Bucharest this morning.
Last night I emailed my hostel and asked if they’d mind calling me a cab ahead of time, because hailing cabs at the airport (or train stations) are notorious for being over priced.
I took a cab because a few Romanian’s I know warned me against navigating the InterRail trains, telling me that they’re incredibly slow (so it’d take me like six hours to get to Brasov) and not really clean.
Unfortunately these were the only available rails after I landed in Romania.
The cab ride took me through the mountains and I spent the entire ride in awe of the Romanian landscape.
I’m excited to explore this beautiful landscape in the upcoming weeks!
I will say that the radio was playing Prince and Whitney Huston, which was perfect (can’t go wrong with ‘Purple Rain’), but it was a bit strange once Meat Loaf came on as we were winding through the mountains.
Not exactly how I pictured my soundtrack through the mountains of Romania…

I’ll be in Brasov until November 7th in which i’ll be taking an InterRegional train into Bucharest, staying there till the early hours of November 16th.
I’ll be heading to Bran Castle and to Sighișoara (Vlad’s birthplace) before the week is out, and swinging over to the Black church at some point.
As an aside, I should probably buy another sweater and do some laundry, the truly glamorous parts of travel.
Pretty excited to be here and explore some Romanian history.

Got two new passport stamps today!
Top: Enter into the Schengen Region and bottom was my exit stamp today.
Left: two stamps from UK immigration, and the left is my Bucharest stamp today.


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