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Starting TEFL Week 1

Hello dear readers! I fell off the map somewhere in Bulgaria, as i’m sure you noticed from my lack of updates. It was a mixture of a poor internet connection, and a series of really odd events- i’ll talk more about it in a separate post. But instead, i’m going to tell you about what… Continue reading Starting TEFL Week 1

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Sofia by Train

I departed from BraČ™ov at 6:40 last night, leaving my hostel at around 6pm. I took an interregional train into Bucharest, arriving at around 9:30pm, with a departing train to Sofia arriving at around 11:30pm. The train ride from Bucharest into Sofia was about twelve hours long. The train had just come from Moscow, it… Continue reading Sofia by Train

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Three Things that Surprised me about Solo Travel

Update: I’ll actually be heading to Sofia, Bulgaria (with some people from my hostel in Brasov) in an hour and arriving sometime early Nov 8th. 1. Sudden change of plans– i’m a fairly organized person, so I didn’t imagine much “change” on my trip in terms of destinations. I knew roughly where to be and… Continue reading Three Things that Surprised me about Solo Travel