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Three Things that Surprised me about Solo Travel

Update: I’ll actually be heading to Sofia, Bulgaria (with some people from my hostel in Brasov) in an hour and arriving sometime early Nov 8th.

1. Sudden change of plans– i’m a fairly organized person, so I didn’t imagine much “change” on my trip in terms of destinations. I knew roughly where to be and much of it I booked before I quit my job so I didn’t seep into my “Travel Fund”. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I didn’t want to stay in Romania the entirety of my two weeks, but instead wanted to go to Sofia, Bulgaria in between!
2. Sudden travel companions– This is a really remarkable part of solo travel, I have to admit. There is something really brilliant about making that sudden change of plans and inviting other solo travelers to come with you, or finding out that a group of people you just met are also going to the same destination. It’s great because it allows you to feel a sense of ‘safety’ but you know you’ll all go your separate ways in two weeks. Back to solo travel it is!
3. How much traveling just makes you want to travel more-I feel like the more people I meet, the more countries I suddenly find myself enticed by. Meeting people from all over the world has this stupefying quality which causes sudden intrigue over countries or cities you might be unfamiliar with. For example: There was a Taiwanese lady in my hostel room in Brasov, RO at one point we sat down and she told me all about the cuisine of her country. I now need to go to Taiwan.


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