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Starting TEFL Week 1

Hello dear readers!
I fell off the map somewhere in Bulgaria, as i’m sure you noticed from my lack of updates.
It was a mixture of a poor internet connection, and a series of really odd events- i’ll talk more about it in a separate post.
But instead, i’m going to tell you about what i’m doing right now, and what i’ll be doing for the next three weeks.
That way you have some insight as to why I won’t be able to post more than once a week (likely Saturday or Sunday).

I flew back to Prague on Sunday, November 16th from Bucharest, RO.
I flew back to Prague because I started my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course on Tuesday, November 18th.
My TEFL course is through LiveTEFL, a language school that is part of the Spěváček Language Services Group.
The program is 130 hours, 120 of program hours and 10 hours of actual teaching.
The schedule changes slightly every week in terms of modules we cover, but our hours are always 8:30am-6pm.
This week we actually had a grammar module on Saturday for almost seven hours, because Monday was a bank holiday- which is why we started on Tuesday.
Ordinarily, the program is M-F.
We have many modules but most of them are: Teaching Skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking), Teaching Practice (in which we create and present lesson plans for each of the four teaching skills), Methodology (where we learn a lot of theory about teaching, how students learn, measuring ability and interacting effectively), Lesson Planning (we meet everyday and every Thursday we present a full lesson plan [60-75 minutes] to a group of real students), and Grammar (intensive where we cover a lot of English grammar).
We also have a module for Basic Czech, which serves a dual purpose. One, to get us to have surface knowledge of Czech, and two, so we can empathize better with our students and some frustrations or feelings of being overwhelmed that they may experience.
Another module was to cover CV construction and script writing for our Video Resume, that each of us will leave the program with, to then send to potential employers.

So far we’ve already made a lesson plan, presented a portion of it for the Reading skill. We’ve had a weeks worth of Methodology, and Grammar- we have a methodology test on Monday. We made an Activity Route Map, and then presented it (30 min) to our peers for feedback and observation. We’ve had to submit observation notes for each of our peers, we have two chapters to read by next week, we have a portion of a 60 min lesson plan due Monday for presentation, and a Reflection Essay due today.
Next Thursday is our first teaching session with real students, 75 min lesson plan.
It’s really really intense.
Because of this, I won’t be posting much, but I hope I can recap for you how the week went.
The program finishes December 12th, and hopefully by then I still feel as excited about teaching as I do right now.
Which I have to admit, I actually really like it.
Which was unexpected.
But I love learning and i’m a hobby linguist, so I imagine those play a part as to why I really enjoy the prospect of teaching language.


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