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TEFL Updates

Hello readers!
I haven’t forgotten you, I swear. I’ve just been going through my 4 week intensive TEFL program that I mentioned in my last post. It has been a really wild ride and next week is our last week, culminating in our ‘graduation ceremony’ on Friday. I’ve taught two classes (75 min and 60 min) with real Czech students at C1 and B1 levels (advanced and intermediate). I have to admit that teaching real students has been a really interesting experience for me, I had no idea that i’d enjoy teaching so much! I decided during the second week, what feels like months ago, to stay and work in Prague. Originally, I was going to go back to the United States in January, but here I am with an apartment in JZP starting in 10 days . Now i’m working towards finishing up my Trade License and Visa Application processes so I can start working for the upcoming semester. Talk about a sudden change of plans!
But I have to admit, i’m really looking forward to what being an expat is going to do for me in the upcoming years.
Here’s to becoming an expat!
I’ll be posting again after my course is over (in a week), and i’m going to be spending my Christmas in Berlin.
So there is a lot to post about after next week!
Stay safe.

Oh, and happy St. Nicholas (Mikuláš) day from Prague!
It’s a really great holiday, Google it.



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