A new year, a new start

Hello! Ahoj!
I apologize for the delays in communication, but maybe I should accept that it’s harder to post every week once you’re actually in the thick of it- as they say.
Happy New Year to all of my wonderful readers! I hope the holidays served you well during my absence. I’ve mainly been in Prague, although I now have an apartment with three other ladies. It’s pretty rad. Spending a lot of my time working through my Visa processing which is horribly bureaucratic, as one should expect. Aside from that, I did make it up to Berlin for a few days for Christmas. It rained, a lot.
I didn’t get many photos, I did get soaked a few times though while wandering around Mitte.
However, i’m more interested in talking to you about some of my goals for the upcoming year (and maybe you could share some of yours? Go on).
Goals for 2015

  1. Work creative freelance, part time.
    (I really want to start getting used to making creative work through freelance endeavours)
  2. Learn Czech and German to A2 levels by June-July
    (I would like to be at a B1 level by this time next year)
  3. Go to four film festivals around Europe
  4. Visit at least six more countries, that I haven’t been to.
  5. Make 3-4 short animations (my own work)

There you have it folks!
I’m really trying to focus as much energy as I can into language learning this year. I’ve always wanted to be a polyglot, and I used to study French in school (except I hated it, and hating something is a really great way to avoid learning it). So even though I currently only speak one language (have you guessed what it is yet? no? take your time…), i’m not intimidated by learning languages. You can call it naivety, and I can call it optimism. The thing is, I don’t see why I can’t learn a language. Really. There isn’t a real, logical reason. So i’m not afraid of the effort or of the embarrassment etc. because all of those situations get me somewhere new.
I think that when people come up with excuses (I actually have a really big pet peeve about excuses specifically) as to why they can’t do “this” or “that”, they’re setting up barriers between themselves and what they want to do. But it doesn’t get you anywhere new, it lets your ego stay in its comfort zone and you don’t grow. What’s the point? You’ll feel bad about yourself if you don’t do it, and you’ll feel uncomfortable if you do. But guess what? That feeling of being uncomfortable is temporary, and you will always end up somewhere new because you’re challenging yourself.
You should always challenge yourself, no matter what your goal is.
You don’t grow otherwise.
That uncomfortable feeling will accompany just about anything that involves challenging yourself, it’s a signifier that you’re about to do something really awesome for yourself.
So don’t be afraid, don’t make excuses about why it’s too hard for you or why you’ll never be able to do “XYZ” because *insert some really time consuming elaborate reasoning that likely took longer to come up with than if you had actually just gotten started*.
***This obviously applies to things you are capable of doing, you just claim you aren’t. Versus things you actually are physically incapable of.
That being said, i’m going to start a language component to this blog where I share with you what i’m learning (the techniques i’m trying out, what i’m struggling with how i’m trying to resolve it etc.), tips and tricks as I go along, and possible video progress reports so you can all laugh at my horrible pronunciation.
So stick around, 2015 is guaranteed to be pretty crazy.
But in a good way.
This expat is signing off for the night.
What are your goals for the new year? What’s your plan for achieving them?



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