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Seven months in Prague

As of today i’ve officially been living in Prague for seven months, and teaching English for four of those seven months.
So, how has that been going?
Well, it’s not something I want to do long term by any means, I enjoy teaching. But i’m an artist, not a teacher. So while I deeply enjoy a lot of the connections i’ve made here with my students, and I’m glad I stayed. I’m equally as glad to be leaving and starting a new adventure. I’ve learned a lot about Czech people, Czech culture, and the Czech language (much more than German, despite my New Years Resolution), than I would’ve had the opportunity to learn or know otherwise. For that, i’m very grateful. Many of my students have invited me to learn about their families, their experiences during communism, and their customs during various holidays. If I hadn’t stayed and found a job teaching, I would have missed a lot of those opportunities to just sit and listen to people from a completely different background than me.
Some of their stories involve remembering Russian tanks rumbling down the streets during occupation, or standing in line with their parents to receive bananas. Others have stories about sitting in basements on mismatched furniture talking to other intellectuals and artists about things they objected about communism. One person remarked that these small communities that met in secret only seemed to thrive during that time, that now many of these people haven’t met with one another in over ten years.
It’s an interesting thought.
So, why am I leaving?
Because it’s time for me to go. I enjoy staying in places for periods of time, some places it takes years and others only weeks before I feel like i’m ready to move on. I don’t feel that staying in Prague and continuing to teach English for another school year, would’ve been the appropriate decision. I feel that I would’ve made that decision out of fear of ‘what’s next’, out of that bubble of comfort i’ve now adopted in this environment. Popping that bubble is what I do best.

What’s next?
You’ll see soon enough, my friends.


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