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My first Birthday Abroad

Hallo Hallo!
Welcome, my friends.
Yesterday was my 24th birthday, and it marks my first birthday experienced outside of the United States (more to come i’m sure). I didn’t really do much, I mostly had to teach because this is my final full week of classes. However, I did make it over to another figure drawing session at a local Atelier (which i’ll talk more about in a future post, I definitely recommend them for any travelers who want to pop in on art classes while traveling through Prague). These classes happen Tuesdays, and Thursdays, unfortunately i’ve only made it to two so far (since I found them). But I plan on going twice next week (my last full week in Prague) and then also this Thursday.
Some from the first session:11229279_10204912644950040_6865044190143017943_n11401225_10204912644550030_3086265877334741305_n11001734_10204912643910014_4002403424599117539_n
From the session yesterday:


As I said, my final full week in Prague is next week.
What does that mean? Where am I going?
Well, i’m going to Belgium (Londerzeel, Mechelen, and Antwerp) to visit friends from July 1st-July 4th. July 4th I fly to Spain, and i’ll be in Barcelona until the 6th in which I fly back to Boston.
But, it doesn’t stop there.
You see, i’m not moving back to Boston, i’m only visiting from July 6th-21st (during which i’m also going to New York). Then I head to Chicago from the 21st-23rd, then to my hometown from the 23rd-August 4th (during which i’m getting a new tattoo, finally).
Then, I fly to Texas.
I’m moving to Austin, TX!

Try that on for size!


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