4 Things I love about Prague

Despite the fact that I left, it’s hardly because I didn’t enjoy Prague. Although, there are things I don’t enjoy, but there are plenty of things I do!
Case in point

1. The Architecture
I’m sure that this is the single most admired part of Prague, and with damn good reason. The architecture and the magnitude of the history associated with it, is enough to make anyone with a gleaning interest in European history or an artistic eye, weep. Being constantly surrounded by beautiful buildings has a lot of perks. First off, it’s just nice, right? I mean, who doesn’t like walking outside and seeing a bunch of things WORTH looking at right outside of their doorstep? Second, i’ve never been to a place that made me want to draw more, than living in Prague. I’ve spent so much time drawing buildings here, which architecture has never been an interest of mine in the past. But here? You bet your ass i’m interested, and I want to draw everything.  Which brings me to my second point.

2. Inspiration
There is always something artsy happening in this city, and if there isn’t an event going on. You can just walk to any of the toursity areas and see a number of caricature artists wielding pencils, ink, and charcoal in a flurry trying to keep up with the demand from Tourists. The environment is inspirational, as I mentioned above, there are many areas with cobblestone streets (ah, Europe) and small passages in older parts of town that are wonderful to get lost in.

3. Faces, Faces on everything
Sometimes walking down a street, any street, in Prague will make you feel like you’re being watched. Nearly every building has a sculpture hanging off of it, and if there’s no sculpture you can bet there’s a face. Whether the face of an angel, a woman, a lion, doesn’t matter. Every building in Prague is seemingly littered with faces and ornate filigree that climbs up the spaces between windows and borders of roofs.

4.  Czech Sweets
Guys, if you’ve never had sweets from a Czech bakery, you’re seriously missing out. Most of the sweets aren’t overly sweet, despite their appearance, and many of them involve poppyseeds (the flowers can be found all over the Czech countryside).
I highly recommend a Trdelnik, a wrapped dough cooked over an open fire covered in cinnamon and sometimes almonds. You can also get Nutella inside, why not go all out and try both!


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