Practical Travel

Survival Guides
Surviving London I: Overview
Surviving London II: Livin’ Off That Wi-Fi
Surviving London III: Public Transportation
Surviving London IV: Common Apps and Plans
Unlocked Cell Phone, Calling Out
SIM Cards or Major Roaming Package
Apps to help avoid data charges
Reading your Voltage Adapters
Synching PDFs onto a pre-Fire Amazon Kindle
Freelancing Abroad
Avoiding ATM Fees
Finding the right Backpack
Osprey Farpoint 40L
Osprey Farpoint 55L
Pacsafe  Ventursafe 45L
Planning your Trip
The best websites for cheap travel
 Schengen Area
Basic Visa Types
Things you didn’t realize you wanted to Know
Can I watch Netflix here?
Five things you should know about England


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